An introduction to Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a fast paced, high intensity, non-contact sport played by two teams of six players. The aim of dodgeball is to eliminate your opponent before they eliminate you. This can be done by hitting them out with your thrown ball or by catching a ball thrown by the opposition. International competitions typically take place over the course of two or three days and each team plays several matches per day with each match consisting of two 15 minute halves.


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England Lions consist of a Men’s, Women’s and Mixed squad who compete in international competitions. In addition, England Dodgeball run a development academy which works with players on an individual and team basis in order to help them to progress.

Our Aims

England Dodgeball has a number of important aims:

To win international competitions

To consistently improve players to meet the physical and mental demands of international competitions

To assist players as much as possible both on and off the court