International Women's Day Special: Interview with Charlotte Josiah

Charlotte Josiah has a made a huge impact to Dodgeball at club and international level, from starting up new teams, raising awareness of the sport or striving for excellence as a player. This is what Charlotte said about being part of the England squad:

What does it mean to be a Woman in the England squad?

“It’s an honour to be in the squad surrounded by the best women in the country who all work so hard and who are all outstanding players. It’s a privilege every time I put on that England shirt and represent my country.”

What are the Women’s squad’s ambitions for this year?

“The England squad as a whole have very high ambitions and we go into every tournament and game looking to play the best we can and ultimately win. The women are looking for as many titles as we can this year.”

Where do you see Women’s Dodgeball going in the future?

“I have watched the sport grow every year and I hope it continues as more and more young girls and women play the sport. I’m very passionate about getting young players involved and developing them after all they are the future!”

What would you say your biggest strength is as a coach/player?

“As a player and a coach, I think I’m very vocal on court and try and implement the best tactics we can. I try to get the best out of the team and players.”

What would be your advice to female Dodgeball players that aspire to be in the England squad?

“It’s all about hard work and persevering. The women in the England squad haven’t got their place without those two attributes. Get as much feedback as you can so you can grow and develop as a well-rounded player.”