International Women's Day Special: Interview with Sakhi Sumaria

Sakhi Sumaria is well-established in the Dodgeball community and known for her impressive catches that can be a complete game changer. In the theme of International Women’s Day, Sakhi had a chat with us about a female sporting personality that inspires her most:

What does it mean to be a Woman in the England squad?

“It means a lot to me to be able to be part of the England squad, playing at such a high level makes me want to keep pushing myself to improve.”

What female athlete inspires you and why?

“I would say that a female athlete that inspires me is Serena Williams, she is an advocate for equality across all sports and has shown that through determination and hard work you can be successful even if you have a number of barriers in your way.”

What would you say your biggest strength is as a player?

“My biggest strength as a play is probably my catching, I love being able to make catches in the final moments of a frame to turn a game around.”

What personal targets would you like to achieve at International level?

“I would definitely like to compete in an international tournament, it would be great to be able to represent England in a sport that I love, and I would love to meet other players in the international dodgeball community.”