International Women's Day Special: Interview with Lottie Millington

We have a chat with Lottie about her experience of being a woman in the sport. Lottie is a devoted player and team member, with a powerful arm to back her up. This is what Lottie had to say:

How did you begin your Dodgeball journey?

I started playing dodgeball in my first week at Birmingham University

What personal targets would you like to achieve at International level?

I’d like to take advantage of all of the resources and coaching within the England set up and try to improve year on year, so that I can be selected for tournaments squads and travel to some interesting places to play.

What are your views on Mixed Dodgeball?

Mixed dodgeball is hard because it’s really different tactically to the women’s or men’s game. It’s really rewarding when you do well as it’s unfamiliar compared to non-mixed and you get to play with lots of different people. Definitely 1000x worse when you get hit in the face though.

What is it like to be an elite female Dodgeball player?

It’s weird to think of myself as an “elite” player as the sport is still developing, but it’s exciting to be able to play at an international level when dodgeball is growing so quickly, the venues for international tournaments are getting more impressive and more people are becoming aware of the sport. It’s also great to have access to all of the nutritional, strength and conditioning and sports psychology expertise which come with being part of the England squad.

What female athlete inspires you and why?

Beth Tweddle because I was getting quite serious with gymnastics at the time that she was just starting her senior career and always really looked up to her. She was the first female British gymnast to win a medal at the European Championships, World Championships and Olympics