International Women's Day Special: Interview with Cesca McCarthy

Teamwork and commitment are some of best ways to describe Cesca McCarthy on and off the court. Cesca is a threat to many a team with her accurate throw and tactical decision making; she gave us an insight to her Dodgeball journey:

How did you find out about Dodgeball?

“A friend introduced me to it because I wanted to get more active at university and find a sport that was good fun, friendly and kept me fit.”

What personal targets would you like to achieve at International level?

“I would like to represent England in an international tournament, it would make me immensely proud of what I’ve achieved!”

Where do you see Women’s Dodgeball going in the future?

“I see it going up and up! We have a unique opportunity, as a developing sport of the 21st century, to develop the women’s side of the sport at the same rate as the men’s! Hopefully, England Lions Dodgeball can be role models for young girls and women to know that they can do whatever they put their mind to! I would like to see dodgeball being a sport where young girls feel confident to take part and get active, becoming the next generation of empowered women and elite athletes.”

What advice would you give female Dodgeball players that aspire to be in the England squad?

“My advice would be not to let fear of failure prevent you from taking changes and especially not from trialling! If you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying until you do! Set yourself attainable goals and push for them, adjusting them once you meet them. Take on advice and constructive criticism, they will be crucial in bettering yourself as a player and as a team mate, and probably also as a person!”