Alex Harrison

Player Profile




Place of Birth:


Current Team:

Leamington Spartans

Previous Teams:

University of Warick 2008-2012, Dirty Ducks 2012-2017


Alex is another one of England's longer standing members, and is easily one of the most highly decorated players in the sport. 

He made his debut for England at the 2010 London European International. 

Fun Fact: I learnt to fly a plane on my own before I could drive!

Alex is extremely popular in the sport and is known across the global Dodgeball community. He has also competed as part of the British Bulldogs in tournaments in other countries. 

" I suppose I'm one of the veterans of the squad, having maintained an England first team position for 8 years, since the team's inception. I've been lucky enough to travel to 12 different countries with Dodgeball and play with and against some fantastic players from all over the world. I'm still focused on improving and I think the best of my Dodgeball career is yet to come."

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